Of adulthood and pirates...

Here I am in the Corporate World. Don't be frightened. This is an office where you toil away for weeks on end, only to be fired, laid off, or be overlooked for promotion.

There's my trusty Mac SE to the right. I cropped out the IBM on the left. This is at Pacific First Bank, one of the many companies I worked for that went out of business either while I was there or shortly after I left. Hhmm!

Our second year at Folklife. Your dad's band, The Coachmen, performed there for five years straight. Until the real Coachmen showed up one year. We didn't know there was another band by that name. What a coincidence!

So we changed our name to the Pyrates Band. We have performed for thousands of people worldwide. As the Limeliters sang, "It's a hard way to make an easy living."

I was a lot younger then - and thinner. It's fun playing with Bobby, Mike, Lollypop and Long John. And now your mom has joined the band. She doesn't play an instrument, she just sings. And boy can she sing.


I started to play pirate in 1983. Yes, it's true. I was a Seafair Pirate. And then I got tired of their B.S. and started another group with my best friend, Bobby (to my left here). We have a great time performing together - almost too much fun. It's been, geez, 13 years now. And we still haven't learned anything new.

Just kidding. Bobby's in Oregon now. But we still get together as often as we can and talk almost daily on the phone.

This is us in Honduras. One of the great things about being an entertainer is the chance to travel. Our friend Jeff Hughes took us on the Ocean Spirit (it's in the background) for 10 days.

We visited Honduras, Belize, Roatan, Guanaja and Cozumel. It was a terrific trip. Also pictured (from my right) Nick, Curly, Bart, Eileen, Tommy, Bobby and Weaver Dial. A fun bunch on a very fun trip. I'll always cherish adventures like this.

And I thought my life was boring!