The Ongoing Adventures of
Corey Andrew or Delaney Rose Zerr
and his or her family.

This was a quiet week for the Dad side of this incubation project. I for the most part, did my duty long ago. Sharon's not showing yet, and we're starting to look at baby cribs that convert into beds that convert into hell knows what . . . maybe a Ferrari or a new Macintosh. I have some reading to do now so that I can find out more of what mom is going through. Sharon's also helping me learn more than I ever wanted to know about babies, including its current size (about four inches or something like that). To me, it still looks like an alien. I hope it does suddenly burst out of her chest -- oh, sorry that was a Sigourney Weaver movie.

Appointment #2 was quick and to the point. I found out that I have no glaring malformations or diseases - which was a relief! The doctor and I went over the ultrasound results and everything looks great - single, live baby . . . (see Week of Oct. 20 for details). I also found out that my doctor does not plan to do any other ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy - assuming things progress normally. I guess this solves the controversy over whether or not to find out the sex. (Sorry guys - I have no control). I got to shock the doctor a bit this time, which was fun. He brought out the Doppler and joked that he wanted to do SOMETHING during this uneventful appointment, but it's not usual to hear the heartbeat until week 14. Well sure enough - we heard it loud and clear - and at 10 weeks no less! The kid is breaking the rules already! :) Well, that's all for now. I'm feeling great - just a little tired. Here's hoping things remain uneventful . . . .