Barry Caillier, Director

A short biography . . .

There are those who only talk of their dreams and others who are determined to achieve them. Barry Caillier is one of the latter. Born and raised in Chehalis, Washington, Caillier has always been indefatigable in his quest to make a creative statement. From 1969 through 1975, he played in various local rock & roll bands, interspersing his performing with extensive travels to the Orient, Australia, Indonesia and Europe, all of which gave him a taste of the exotic and the unusual, leaving him no choice but the further pursuit of his dreams.
Moving to Los Angeles in 1975, Caillier, whose eventual goal was directing, began his career as an actor. He appeared in MASH, Grand Theft Auto, All That Glitters and Whatever Happened To The Class of '65? With his typical verve, he learned the ways of the "L.A. actor": how to sneak on a set, how to hustle an interview; how to turn every opportunity into an achievement. When a child actor couldn't calm down during filming of Whatever Happened To The Class of '65?, it was Caillier who gave director Jules Irving an idea that would save the scene and earn him Irving's respect. Caillier began to explore his technical skills in his next jobs as production manager of a videotape workshop and location manager for the films HEART LIKE A WHEEL and PRIVATE SCHOOL. From here he went on to the formation of his first production company, Challenger Productions.

In 1981 he combined his talents with those of Pat Royce and they formed a company that would eventually become The Lensman Company, moving back to Seattle to work in an environment that was conducive to young, ambitious filmmakers. Running into former classmate Tim Noah in 1984, Caillier directed The Lensman Company's first project, a one-hour children's show starring Noah, IN SEARCH OF THE WOW WOW WIBBLE WOGGLE WAZZIE WOODLE WOO, which garnered four Emmys, including one for Caillier as Best Director. THE WOW was shown on HBO in 1988-89, The Disney Channel 90-91 and is currently being distributed worldwide by A&M Video.

Next, Caillier co-wrote and debuted as a feature director, with the full-length feature titled DAREDREAMER. It was completed in early 1989 and premiered in select markets across the country in February 1990.

Barry's next directorial project was the feature film co-scripted by partner Royce and Lorraine Devon, titled TO CROSS THE RUBICON. It won Best Independent Film at the Boston Film Festival and Critics Choice for Best Picture at the New Hampshire Film Festival. It is currently being readied for it's worldwide video release March 24th, 1996.

Along with his feature film and television work, Caillier is also experienced in the commercial, rock video, corporate and documentary genres. He most recently finished some very creative work for the internationally known rock group QUEENSRYCHE and has, at present, two informational hiking videos, shot entirely in the mountains of The Olympic National Park and Yosemite National Park, for sale in video outlets across the country.

Currently Caillier has written, and is in development of, several feature films including THE VOLUNTEER, A Mystery Thriller, & TO CHANGE A LOCK, a romantic adventure set in the Outback of Australia.

With boundless energy and ever increasing experience, Barry continues on in the conquest of his childhood goals and dreams. We have no doubt he'll make it. Thank you for your time and interest.


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