So, little Delaney or Corey, you want to know about your dad. Hhmm! I'm not so sure you'd believe much of what I could tell you.

For starters, your daddy probably likes being a pirate and professional misfit better than being an adult. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's see here. . .

This is me with my dad. I can't tell if my dad was sleeping here or not. He could sleep anytime, anywhere - even standing up!

I'm about six months old, here. Funny, but my hairline is about the same today as when I was six months. I still have that same look on my face too. Your grandpa here is gone. He died in 1981, shortly after your sister was about this age. He was a nice guy and worked hard to give us a good childhood. He succeeded.

Here I am with my first car. I saw the same pedal car in a local antique store here. It's $300 now! When we were kids, we were always playing army.

The neighbors didn't think much about us walking up and down the street with a real submachine gun dad brought back from the war. Couldn't do that now.

I still miss the Jeep. In the photo, we're in the playroom, a 20' by 20' dream room for playing as a kid. Miss the playroom too.


Here I am with two of my Tonka toys. I had a lot of them too. I even had a concrete roadway under the tree in the front of the house. What were my parents thinking?

The payloader on the right was stolen briefly by a neighbor, Doug Vineyard. But my brother Brian and I went up and took them back and called the cops. Guess he was stealing mail too. I heard he ended up in jail.

In the background is my brother Jon playing hockey. He was a member of the 96th Street Trolls, our neighborhood street hockey team. I was too young to play on it.

This is where I spent most of my time. This will be a punishment for you too, by the way. When we misbehaved we had to kneel in the corner - no resting your butt on your legs (five extra minutes per infraction.)

Notice the praying hands jammed into the corner. That was required too. No looking around either. And yes, your brothers could harrass you all they wanted but could touch you.

This punishment was shear genius on the part of my parents. Time outs? Kid stuff! Try the corner all you weany parents who won't spank their kids.