The Ongoing Adventures of
Parker Ryan
and his family.

Week +15: The first official portraits

At 13 weeks, Parker had his first go with a professional photographer, and I dare say he was a real trooper. To get the shots, he had to kneel behind a foam pad with his mother supporting his rumpus. Then the photographer positioned his limbs like he was Gumby. But he came through it all right and this is just one of the 10 or so shots we got of him.

He looks a little different now. And he's now perfected the roll over on the side trick and is rapidly trying to figure yot the 180 turn onto his tummy. Motion is his magic potion right now.

They grow up sooo fast....




So, Daddy is making me write something here - even though I am intimidated by his Royal Writer-ness . .but anyway . . .

What can I say? I know all moms think their children are the cutest, brightest and most perfect - but in my case - IT'S TRUE! I don't think I'm being biased . . .Parker seems to glide through life, enjoying trying new things like toys and baby food (even green beans!), sleeps six to nine hours (even ten a couple of times) at night, and is progressing without much help from me. It's amazing the things they learn to do - without attending a class or even watching someone else do it either. Just imagine the possibilities when he's consciously TRYING to learn something!

He's made me realize that all I really want out of life is to stay home and play with he and his dad - but I guess that doesn't pay the bills. So until then, I'll just have to make the most of the time I have, playing with him and smothering him with kisses - and spending a lot of time watching him sleep. You don't think that'll give him a complex as an adult, do you?