The Ongoing Adventures of
Corey Andrew or Delaney Rose Zerr
and his or her family.

Week 29: Feb. 23, 1998


Baby had its first Mardi Gras experience. Not letting pregnancy get in the way of tradition, we trekked over to the New Orleans Restaurant in Pioneer Square for our traditional Fat Tuesday evening of debauchery (only I was eligible this year but did everyone proud) The baby was indispensible when it came time to leave. The place was packed, even a little over firecode. And there appeared to be no way that we would be able to leave quietly through the crowd. So, thinking quickly, I faked the labor scene. I hurriedly summoned the water and told her that Sharon was in labor. The bill quickly followed and the gathered throng parted like the Red Sea as we made our way to the door, two rooms away. It was hilarious, except for the fact that several patrons felt the need to pat Sharon's tummy on the way out.

On Saturday, the family was off to see the musical Oklahoma. There, a name change began to raise its ugly head. Delaney Rose was still perfect, but it seems that I neglected to remember that I hated the name Corey when I was young and would never tell anyone what my middle name was. So what would possess me to name my kid that? The currently leader in the replacement name field is "Parker Ryan." Catchy, huh? We'll let you know when it's finalized.