The Ongoing Adventures of
Parker Ryan
and his family.

Dec. 7, 1998

Happy ho! ho! ho! to you!

Our little elf has begun to sit up regularly and holds onto furniture for dear life when standing. He hasn't shown any interest in the crawling thing - but he loves the stand up and sit up things.

Here he is dressed in his Christmas finery. This is about a Christmasy as the Zerr household has gotten so far. We never seem to have the energy these days to haul up the decorations. So we decorate Parker instead. They say an infant is the tiring part - what with the sleepless nights and all. He was a cinch back then - it's the constant need to pick up his dropped toys, prop him up, fetch his meals and shift him between play stations that's tiring.

We decided to forego a tree this year, in part because it was just too much and because we used the tree budget to purchase toys for the homeless kids instead. That was not only fun, but fulfilling. Besides, Parker really could care this year and Becca has just learned to shrug her shoulders and accept the actions of her weird parents.

We hear it gets better - and that next year we'll be back into the swing of Christmas. We'll see!!! It's an awfully long tunnel to peer through.