The Ongoing Adventures of
Parker Ryan
and his family.

Dec. 6, 1998

We're fortunate that Becca loves to babysit Parker. This wasn't always the case - in fact, we thought she'd end up having nothing to do with him.

But time passes and capitalism is king, so at $4 an hour Becca watches her baby brother.

The most recent occasion was this last Saturday, when we had a band appearance over in West Seattle.

Becca watched Parker for about 8 hours - a tidy sum in the piggy bank and entirely non-eventful.

Until we got the photos back from the camera. And what is on it but several photos of Parker in Becca's baby clothes. Here he is as a Girlie Guy, in Becca's Strawberry Shortcake dress, fuzzy slippers and equally fuzzy headband. It's almost scary - he's a dead ringer for Becca at that age.

I told Becca that if Parker ends up gay, it'll be her fault. Frankly, I can't wait until the day I can show these photos to all of Parker's girlfriends (or boyfriends, I guess!).