The Ongoing Adventures of
Parker Ryan
and his family.

Dec. 4, 1998

Eating has become a daily practice at the Zerr estate. Parker gets food twice a day and is beginning to show interest in holding the spoon and doing it himself. Of course, he has also learned to spew food all over the place, including on his parents.

He can and does eat everything. The only foods on the "hate list" are Macaroni & Cheese and Mashed Potatoes. Everything else goes in -- and comes out -- fine.

Our advice to new parents. Pony up the bucks to get the reclining high chair. It makes it easier to feed a slithery 7-month old and he's been in it for about three months now.

And don't forget the feeding mat for the floor. Or alternately, invest in a dog. Jasper loves the leftovers and left-over-the-sides.