The Ongoing Adventures of
Parker Ryan
and his family.

Week +22: They just think I'm at daycare....


What did my parents expect? I'm the offspring off pirates and they haven't even taken me to the beach yet. So, I've taken myself. Bag the Rhyme Time Day Care -- it's Playtime for ol' Parker here.

Here I am on the Playa, sunning it up while my parents think I'm safe and sound in the concentration camp. Yeah, there's a couple of older babes there who see to my every need, but they're well, older ya know! Dad didn't have much luck with older women, so why should I bother.

At the beach, there's a lot more wahini than at Rhyme Time. Much more to my taste, although I'm not sure how to approach them. I mean, how many times can I play that cute baby routine before they want to actual want to talk. I have a whole life ahead of me to make small talk - what I want now is a little wahini to nustle me close and cuddle! What little pirate wouldn't?

So it's the beach for me. Just don't tell my parents. They'll have a hissy when they found out I didn't invite them along.