Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When I click on the links to artifacts in the collections, why can't I see anything?

Some newer browsers utilize technology to block popup ads. Unfortunately, some of these browsers can't discriminate between a popup ad and content that is opened in a popup window. If you encounter this problem, you can temporarily disable popup protection in your browser's properties or preferences settings.

For more information on how to do this, follow these links to the appropriate browser developers: Microsoft (Internet Explorer for Windows & Mac), Netscape (Windows & Mac), Safari (Mac), Opera (Windows & Mac) and Mozilla (Windows & Mac).

2. When I click on one of the video files, nothing happens. What is wrong?

The video files in the collections use Real media files. To view them, you must have a player installed that can read Real media. This includes the free RealPlayer from Real as well as some other systems. Once an appropriate player is installed, the file should play correctly within the site.

3. Can I use the photos and media files from this site?

The content contained in this museum is the property of the Air Force Academy. Any use of the materials contained on this site must be approved by the academy prior to their use. To request permission, click here.

If you have a question regarding this site or its features, please email the webmaster.